Media Interviews, Mentions, Links

—- Britto, B. (13 December 2018). Behind the Hidden Art of Baltimore’s Bathroom Graffiti

—- Lilly, R. (27 November 2017). Melissa Meade Wins Two NCA Awards and Sheds Light on the Anthracite Region

—- Cooper, M. (4 April 2017). As Trump Tries to Revive Coal, a Composer Confronts Mining’s Past

—- (8 August 2016). United Airline Flight 624 June 1948 plane that crashed in the Anthracite Region.

—- Hong, A. (12 January 2015). With year’s end, a new photo show: The Center for Public Interest Journalism is hosting its annual end-of-the-year Photo Night.

—- Meade, M. (11 December 2014). When Words Won’t Come Featured essay on NPR-affiliated WHYY.

—- Gordon, E. (producer). (11 December 2014). So you love language. Then one day, you lose your ability to speak

—- Kenney, O. (10 May 2014). Digital-remixing

—- Jones, K. (4 December 2013). Speaking out after strokes


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