Media Interviews, Mentions, Links

—-Dillard, C. (2 November 2020). Melissa Meade Wins Two Awards For Dissertation Written at Klein.

—- Nark, J. (21 October 2020). Trump Didn’t Back Coal in Pa. But That Doesn’t Mean Miners Are Backing Biden.

—-Fezza, A.J. (23 March 2020). Dogs of Villanova: Pintxo www.

—-Relentless: A Series of Recoveries, (Max Dolente, director, 2019). Interviewed for this documentary focusing on the different roads people take to opioid recovery as well as highlighting those on the front lines combating the opioid epidemic in urban, suburban, and rural Pennsylvania. 

—- Britto, B. (13 December 2018). Behind the Hidden Art of Baltimore’s Bathroom Graffiti

—- Lilly, R. (27 November 2017). Melissa Meade Wins Two NCA Awards and Sheds Light on the Anthracite Region

—- Cooper, M. (4 April 2017). As Trump Tries to Revive Coal, a Composer Confronts Mining’s Past

—- (8 August 2016). United Airline Flight 624 June 1948 plane that crashed in the Anthracite Region.

—- Hong, A. (12 January 2015). With year’s end, a new photo show: The Center for Public Interest Journalism is hosting its annual end-of-the-year Photo Night.

—- Meade, M. (11 December 2014). When Words Won’t Come Featured essay on NPR-affiliated WHYY.

—- Gordon, E. (producer). (11 December 2014). So you love language. Then one day, you lose your ability to speak

—- Kenney, O. (10 May 2014). Digital-remixing

—- Jones, K. (4 December 2013). Speaking out after strokes


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